independet film producer, director & writer (b.a.)
it specialist
concept artist


frenetic heist shortfilm

A world famous concept artist gets kidnapped out of her own exhibition and shit hits the fan.

writer, producer, director

20min, german, contains graphic violence


bachelors degree thesis

My bachelor of arts thesis on meta movies - films on films and a chapter on heist films.
Contains also the whole screenplay and production diary of my short "Kalter Hund".


123 pages, german


our first-born son

I'm the immensely proud father of Henry Eschenfelder who is already excellent at farting, eating and sleeping.
Like his father.

producer, father

*29.10.2016, 54cm, 3.6kg, german



Acknowledged Prof. Oksana Bulgakowa explains gender in film theory regarding Michelangelo Antonionis "Blow Up"

producer, director, editor

60min, german


lovecraftian film-noir shortfilm

Wartorn private eye in search for an occult statue, hope and his love, finds... unspeakable... horrors...

writer, producer, editor, co-director & actor

fake trailer as proof of concept, 4min, english

2015 - 2014

postapocalyptic exploitation shortfilm

Near future: a hermit finds a young woman in one of his traps. He can't let her go. But she can't stay either.

writer, producer, director & editor

18min, german, contains graphic violence


experimental shortfilm

A musical hommage to a certain piece of architecture.
Music: Chico Buarque - Apesar De Voce

concept, director of photography & editor

4min, portuguese, contains bossa nova


mexploitation trash shortfilm

Mexicos biggest industry is human trafficking.
3 episodes of lust, greed and ultimately death.
Inspired by aztec mythology and poems.

concept, producer, co-writer, co-director & actor

8min, spanish, english, contains graphic violence


alternative game board design.

Fully developed  Jurassic Park-themed Monopoly game.

concept, designer

gameboard, play money & cards, english


children's book about...

Warmhearted kid-friendly sci-fi story about a horse, alien vegetables and the question:
What do electic sheep dream of?

author, illustrator

120 pages, german


photo anthology of brazilian streetart

Photography and snotty commentary depicting brazilian streetart and commercial graffiti using the example of Indaiatuba, near São Paulo.

author, photographer, dtp

200 pages, english


hard boiled neo-noir thriller

Ex-foreign-legionaire tries to save the girl he loves and the skin he wears. There's an evil plot about international white-collar crime - blood stained collars of motherfucking dentists.
Everyone hates dentists, right?

author, dtp, publisher

290 pages, german


romantic crime novella with christmas theme

author, dtp, illustrator, publisher

280 pages, german


adventure novel, inoffical 2nd Jurassic Park sequel

author, illustrator, dtp

720 pages, german